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Our Mission Is To Be The Best EaaS (Employee As A Service) Provider In The World


Our Vision

Our journey from vision to reality has begun since 2011. Much like a disruptive technology, we aim at restructuring and reinnovating the way hiring works. We aim at making virtual employee the new normal by:

  • Empowering SMEs and Large Enterprises.
  • Creating an environment where our services are easily accessible.
  • Expanding client base and employee network.
  • Investing heavily in marketing and upgrading services.

Our Values

We uphold certain values that we breathe in and out everyday:

  • EXCELLENCE : We believe the stepping stone to any successful business is excellent quality. We deliver an unparalleled standard of excellence in everything we do, be it our clients, employees or products and services.
  • STEWARDSHIP : We breathe in this value because we understand how important  it is to be accountable and responsible not only for our work but also resources beyond the four walls of our offices. We take pride in identifying improvement areas and take initiative to work around those areas.
  • INTEGRITY: We uphold highest levels of integrity  and strongly believe in doing the right thing even if no one’s watching us. This directly reflects in the quality of our work.

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